Essential Tools for a Great BBQ


With summer on it’s way the grilling season is fast approaching, and many New Zealanders are looking forward to removing firing up the portable gas BBQ or the charcoal grill, and enjoying great food. Everyone’s grilling strategies are unique. Some people enjoy the steady heat of gas, while others enjoy the dry heat of charcoal. Regardless of the technique, there are a few key BBQ tools that are essential to successful grilling.

Brass Bristled Grill Brush

For successful grilling, a clean rack is essential. The most effective way to clean grill racks is to brush them thoroughly with a brass bristled brush. These bristles work well but won’t damage the surface of the grill as stiffer bristles can. When the rack isn’t damaged, it’s harder for rust to form when the grill isn’t in use.

Long Handled Tongs

A proper pair of tongs is good for rearranging and turning food as it cooks on a grill or offset BBQ smoker. Longer tongs can help cooks reach the back of the hot grill from a safe distance, and spring-loaded models make it safer and easier to grip hot food. Along with the tongs, a stainless steel spatula can turn foods like burgers and chicken breasts.

Instant Thermometer

Safe grilling is essential, and it is important to know the internal temperature of meat before serving. A good thermometer makes that task simple. With an instant thermometer, simply stick it in, hit the button, and wait for the info to come up on the display. When choosing a thermometer, go for function over form. While some thermometers have lots of features, these usually do little but increase the chance of failure.

Grill Gloves

In some cases, things go wrong on the grill despite the cook’s best efforts. For those urgent moments, a pair of grill gloves will allow the cook to reach in without burning their hands.

These BBQ tools can simplify any grilling setup, whether you use a  charcoal grill, wood pit, or gas grill. They can help you cook cleaner, move food safely and keep your food a safe temperature so that you can get on to enjoying your BBQ food as quickly as possible! For help choosing the right type of BBQ, BBQ accessories and cooking equipment, just visit the Wellington BBQs & Fire website ( to browse New Zealand’s best range of all things BBQ.


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